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I'm listed on BNB-REVIEWS.COM - can I have a widget for my website?

Yes we can provide a widget that displays a logo to take guests straight to your BNB-REVIEWS page. There they can read or write reviews and award stars, the average of which, is displayed at the top of your page. To get your widget simply type your B&B name into the search box below, select your B&B and follow instructions.

Does B&B Reviews link to my website?

B&B Reviews allows guests to review your B&B and make enquiries directly to your email address - NOTE! you may care to test this function to ensure we have the right email address as we do not expose your email address to spam harvesters. The bnb-international.com website above however, does provide a direct link to your website.

How can I add a photo and brief description to my entry in B&B Reviews?

The simplest way is register for our free to join B&B Booking Service on bnb-owners.com

This gives you a prominent position on all of the websites below and not only displays your picture but your room rates, last minute deals and special offers in our specially designed booking engine. More importantly, you are featured on the world largest website for the promotion of B&Bs, Inns and Guesthouses http://book-a-bnb.com

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I'm not listed on B&B Reviews and I'd like my guests to review my B&B

B&B Reviews is associated with "B&B Owners" & you can add yourself to all the directories below free of charge.

  1. bnb-booking.com - Worldwide B&B Booking Service
  2. bnb-international.com - Links Directory
  3. bnb-reviews.com - Reviews, Directory & Booking Service
  4. bed4thenight.com - Directory & Booking Service
  5. idorla.com - International Directory Of Rooms Lodging & Accommodation
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Are the B&B reviews to be trusted?

Only guests that have stayed with a B&B can add a review. This is guaranteed by applying the following rules.

  1. In the case of B&Bs registered to use book-a-bnb.com, the reviewers email or booking reference number is automatically checked against our bookings database. If they have not stayed with the B&B in question the review is "dumped"
  2. All other B&Bs listed in the B&B Reviews Directory will be sent the review by email to verify the guest is genuine. Once approved it will be displayed on B&B Reviews.
  3. Reviews that are not from genuine guests will not be displayed and the reviewers details recorded. Persistent offenders will be banned from entering further reviews.